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Wikileaks: An avalanche of leaking information

By on November 28, 2010 in Announcements, Free Expression with 0 Comments
Wikileaks: An avalanche of leaking information

This week something happened. Countries were waiting impatiently for the publication of 250,000 classified cables which leaked/stolen by Wikileaks. The reason – these documents contain juicy content about how the U.S refers to other states and leaders in the world. The tension rose even more few hours before the publication was due, and the site of Wikileaks could not be accessed due to a mass distributed denial of service attack. Someone in the US administration apparently thought that blocking access to the website of Wikileaks will help the situation or stop the information from leaking. Obviously, whoever thought that this is the case, does not understand the essence of information flow and distribution in the Internet. Bringing a website down, not only does not stop the distribution of information, it even encourages users to seek the information in mirror and other sites, replicate it and continue to distribute it.

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